Small Groups

At C.R. we work to provide you with all the knowledge, support, and love that you need to conquer your hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We do this through the use of small groups. Using a set of small group guidelines our small groups are tailored around your specific need and designed to provide a safe and productive place to heal.

Celebrate Recovery will not attempt to offer any professional clinical advice. Our Leaders are not counselors.


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You feel responsible for almost everybody and everything, and yet you feel guilty much of the time. It is trying to make a sick person well and making yourself sick. No matter how much you succeed, you still feel that you can’t measure up. You have forgotten how to feel.

Alcoholism/Drug Addiction:

If you find you cannot quit drinking or using drugs entirely, or if you have little control over the amount you consume, you are probably an alcoholic and/or a drug addict.

Parents of Addicted Children:

All parents want their children to grow up to be happy, responsible adults. But, in spite of mom and dad’s best efforts, their most heartfelt prayers and loving environment, some kids never successfully make the transition to independent adulthood.

Sexual Addiction:

You continually engage in sexual behaviors, which are demoralizing and demeaning to another, or yourself. You have sacrificed relationships, jobs, or your humanity, and yet you continued to engage in these damaging and compulsive behaviors. You feel unable to stop these behaviors, in spite of the adverse consequences to your life.

Divorce Care:

You probably don’t like the circumstances you are in, you may be deeply hurt by what has happened, and it’s likely you are feeling angry about your situation. All of these emotions are normal. Our prayer is that you will heal and, in the process, develop a deepening relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


By experiencing some form of abuse, which has damaged your emotions and identity, you have developed incorrect ideas about life and destructive ways of dealing with the pain.

Grief Share:

With Grief Share you will learn how to walk the journey of Grief and be supported on the way. It is a place where hurting people find healing and hope.

The Landing:

Celebrate Recovery's student ministry.